Testimonials & Awards for WebExe

What our customers say ...

I ran a test on a 33 MB collection of linked HTML pages I have, and your program's .EXE was only about 13MB! Way to go! Thanks for writing such a good program.

-- Adam W.

Thank you for such a wonderful software product! I evaluated WebExe along with a number of other ebook compilers and judged yours to be the best.

-- James G.

Just wanted to say thanks again for all the help you have given me and my partner in our ebook venture. Your assistance has been no less than outstanding.

-- Steve R.

I've sold over 500 books using your WebExe. Great compiler!

-- Jeff E.

A+ on the customer support.

-- Marc H.

I have just completed my initial evaluation of WebExe and I am QUITE IMPRESSED. Somebody finally created a HTML Compiler the RIGHT WAY!

-- Ray T.

Job well done! You are a credit to programmers everywhere!

-- Frederick M.

Your WebExe is the best HTML compiler on the market (and I have tried them all) because it is so fast, it includes a search engine, it includes its own browser, and it allows for a right click menu that doesn't take up screen space except when the person needs it.

-- John E.

I just want you to know how much we appreciate you and your support.

-- Lori J.

I would like to congratulate you for this fine and practical program. I must say it has a friendly interface and offers unlimited possibilities.

-- Petrica B.

I discovered your program while surfing and am impressed at the concept of producing a CD 'presentation' of my website.

-- Tony S.

Allow me to say I am extremely impressed with the quality of your product and service!

-- Dennis F.

I find WebExe to be an outstanding program and exactly what I need for my projects.

-- Tommy S.

This product is exceptional.

-- Joel N.

Congratulations on producing a clear and straightforward program that is pleasant to use.

-- Greg T.

WebExe is an excellent product and it is the only product I've found that meets my needs.

-- Jess F.

Thank you making such a great program.

-- Mike T.

You don't know how wonderful it is to actually get tech support from a software publisher. It is rare we get answers to our questions, let alone this fast. I will be telling everybody I know about your program and how great your service is. WebExe is a tremendous program and your assistance is superb.

-- Carlos D.

You did a terrific job in every respect, from simplicity, to ease of use, to a useful final product.

-- Todd D.

Very cool program you made, thanks!

-- Peter S.

Thanks for a great product. I registered WebExe a few months ago to use mostly for work. It's better and easier than anything else I've used.

-- Paul W.

WebExe is a fantastic product and I look forward to future updates.

-- Antony L.

You are awesome, and now you have one more "Raving Fan"! Thank you for your very quick response.

-- John M.

I love your program and so do my visitors.

-- Doneta M.

Of the many eBook compilers I've tried for my project, yours has gradually filtered out as the only one that satisfies all requirements.

-- Guy Z.

I am very pleased with this software and find this program very excellent for my daily work of publishing and marketing.

-- Burton H.

I'm very impressed with WebExe. It does a damn excellent job at producing ebooks without unnecessary bells and whistles which is often the case with other software.

-- Henry G.

Hello guys, beautiful program, perfect in every way.

-- Bill F.

I have spent the last week checking out various HTML compilers. Yours is the ONLY one that worked 100% with my web pages!

-- Mike S.

I needed something which would work equally well in Win XP and Win 98. Yours is the only one I found which did not have problems in Win 98! It is the BEST! And it is the easiest to use.

-- Allon M.

I just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with this software. It really is the best thing I have come across for years.

-- Martin W.

I tried at least a half-dozen similar applications. Yours is the only one that worked flawlessly and fully respected my HTML code. I was really impressed with the ability to integrate a Jalbum photo album and see it work perfectly.

-- Jules S.

Some of the awards WebExe has received


Rated 5 stars at SnapFiles


"100% CLEAN" Award from softpedia.com


5 Stars from download3k.com


"Most Popular" Award from softpile.com


5 Stars from downloadrage.com


5 Stars from efreedown.com


5 Stars from softforall.com


"Excellent" Award from 5cup.com


"100% SAFE" Award from dodownload.com


5 Stars from getfreesofts.com


2001 SIA Nominee


"Tip of the Day" at shareware.de (German)


5 Stars from zdnet.de (German)