About creating web executables with WebExe

Package your web pages into an .exe file!

Be it an ebook, a product brochure, a manual, an image gallery, or any other HTML-based content, WebExe allows you to easily package your HTML pages into a stand-alone .exe file for easy distribution. The resulting output file includes its own browser and can be opened on any Windows computer with just one click. No Internet connection or installations are required.

Using the built-in project wizard to create a WebExe file is quite simple and requires just a few steps. After telling WebExe which page to use as your home page it automatically finds all of the HTML, image, and sound files it needs, and compresses them into the executable output file.

The opportunities are almost endless with WebExe, yet the final output is completely under your control. For example, you can set the size of the output browser window and have full control over the appearance of menu bars, restrict functionality such as printing and copying, and so much more.

Convince yourself and download the free demo version!